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I only have a single photograph of me and you. It’s from last New Years at my place. I look half drunk and half obscured by some crusty punk. You’re all done up and already walking away.

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Now look upon this face of stone, and how my times have hardened me.

This band/song ruled my world at one point

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"It’s safe to say there are darker things in the streets these days 
Than kids with guns and moms on drugs, things that we don’t let on. 
And if you’re “free”, then take to the city streets 
With your God-given speech, screaming, ‘Fuck the police.’”

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Sex talk at work. And I can join in!

I am now a real adult.

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So… Many… Germans… (by @WrasslorMonkey)


So… Many… Germans… (by @WrasslorMonkey)

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he was just talking and that happened. (x)

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